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Welcome! This website was created on 13 Jun 2010 and last updated on 30 Aug 2018. The family trees on this site contain 986 relatives and 120 photos. If you have any questions or comments you may send a message to the Administrator of this site.


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About Ballyrattan
This website is dedicated to the McCorkell, Williams, Baird, and Peoples and associated
families, living mostly in the townland of Ballyrattan during the 19th and early 20th 

The site now also contains links to various branches of the family both in the British Isles as 
well as the USA and Canada I would like to give a special word of thanks here to Robert 
who provided almost all the information for the Williams family which appears on this site
Special thanks also to Sam Baird for his help with the Baird tree, Sam was born in the townland 
and has a wide knowledge of the Baird and connected families from the area, I would also like 
to thank 
Donna Wyatt in the USA for help with my Baird tree as well.

About Ballyrattan Townland

Ballyrattan, sometimes written as Ballyratten is a townland in the Parish of Upper Moville, the
townland is mentioned in the Civil Survey of 1654 as well as Penders Census of 1659, in that 
census the townland is recorded as having 21 people, 8 English/Scots and 13 Irish 100 years 
there are 8 names recorded in the Protestant census of 1740 for the townland: Brumhall 
Francis,Gillyland Widow,Magihen	Edward,Spence Mr,Stuart	John,Stuart Patrick,Stuart Samuel,Vance 
Thomas although the 1851 Census does not survive population statistics do and the townland of 
Ballyrattan is recorded as having a population of 119 at that time, at the time of the Griffith 
Valuation recorded as 1858 but may have occurred up to a decade earlier the following names 
for the townland are recorded, I have highlighted those appearing in the tree: Baird 
James Beatty
Robert Boner John Boner Patrick Caffrill William Cahill James Cahill John Campbell David 
Carter Elizabeth Clements Rev. Andrew Dermott Hugh Dermott James Doherty Charle Douglas 
Archibald Duffy John Farren James Farren Mary Ferguson Thomas Foster Francis Gillespie 
Charles Hagerty James Harken James Havlin Bernard Havlin John Havlin John, Jr. Havlin John, Sr. 
Kelly John Lee Robert Long Matthew McCairn Mary McCairn William McCarren Charles McCool 
Margaret McCorkhill Mary McCorkhill William McGonigle George McLoughlin Bell McSheffry 
Mager Morehead Thomas Orr James Peebles George Peebles William 
The townland had a population of 178 peoples at the time of the 1901 Census of Ireland, like 
the rest of this rural Parish most made their living from the land in small farms, the townland 
that time had a well-mixed population of Planter and native Irish families, although there were 
native Irish speakers living in the townland in 1901. The population had dropped to 146 by the 
of the 1911 census and has probably been in decline ever since (although figures are not 
Many of the surnames recorded in the townland in 1901 appear on this website, the most populous
surnames in the townland in 1901 were Peoples 22, Orr 19, Campbell 18, Doherty 18 and
Baird 17  


Below is a description of the Parish of Upper Moville where Ballyrattan townland is situated, 
taken from the Ordnance Survey Memoirs 1833
Parish of Upper Moville, situated 9 to 14 miles north of the city of Derry, barony of Inishowen 
and county of Donegal, bounded on the north by the Parish of Lower Moville, south by the parish 
Muff, east by Lough Foyle and west by a range of mountains extending from the church lands 
north to 
the mountains of Eachiheen south,together with the parishes of Culdaff, Donagh and Lower Fahan, 
extending from 8 to 9 miles and greatest breadth from 4 to 5 miles.The first stream of any
consequence is called Bonifoble river, which divides the parish of Upper and Lower Moville; 
rises in
the mountains of Greencastle and discharges itself  into Lough 
Foyle convenient to Bonifoble(Moville town)
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Descendants of McCorkell, Robert
Note: for privacy reasons names of living persons are excluded.

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